Tourism in Tavira

Tavira is a small town with a thousand charms located in Algarve. A calm and relaxed vacation destination in a region with a wide variety of activities and exciting places to visit. Set on the Algarvian coast, this is one of the less crowded towns you will find in the area and one of the most beautiful. A stroll through the alleys of the historic center is enough to delight tourists, but Tavira offers other sites such as the Old Town Market (Mercado da Ribeira, the public garden (Jardim do Coreto), or the Roman Bridge. It is also in Tavira that you will find one of the most famous waterfalls in Portugal — Pego do Inferno.


Quinta de Santa Margarida is 3.5km from Benamor Course, where you can play and enjoy a game of golf with a glorious view of the sea. The natural handicaps present throughout the course make it a worthwhile challenge for the player.

A panoramic view of a tranquil golf course with a sand bunker in the foreground, a blue water hazard centrally located, and resort buildings in the distance under a clear blue sky.


Experiences in Tavira

Quinta de Santa Margarida proposes to its guests a wide selection of experiences to enjoy during their vacation. Boat trips and gastronomic tastings are just two of the many wonders you can experience in Tavira. You can spend an evening cycling, horseback riding along the deserted beach, enjoy a day getting to know other cities like Olhão, Monte Gordo, or Vila Real de Santo António — all connected to Tavira. Or enjoy the sights that this lovely town offers, such as the Tavira Castle, the Church of Misericórdia, or the mornings at the Old Town Market, with booths selling fish, fresh goods, and local handicrafts.


Experiências Gastronómicas

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Patio area with a hanging chair and outdoor furniture in a serene garden setting.

City of Tavira

Tavira is a charming Portuguese town near Algarve. The small town is a calm and relaxed vacation destination, despite the wide variety of activities it offers.

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